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GEP-GR1507 3600KV motor

5.990 Ft
Cikkszám: GEP-GR1507_3600KV
The GEP-GR1507 will bring greater efficiency and explosive power to the 3-inch and 4-inch models. Extending the efficient cooling profile of 1507 increases the cooling performance of the motor by 20%.Using 7075 aviation aluminum material to maintain the impact resistance of the motor, N52H tile magnet, Japan NSK bearing, quality assurance.3 KV values 3600KV. The GR1507 will be a new choice for the 3-inch and 4-inch models.
KV érték


  1. Lightweight base design, powerful power output
  2. Beautiful appearance design, high – efficiency air – flow heat dissipation, strong structure
  3. The whole fuselage is high-precision CNC processing; the aviation aluminum alloy is 7075 aluminum materials, which is high precision and high intensity
  4. It adopts N52H magnet, which ensures the torsion, high temperature resistance and no dropping magnet
  5. The effort and thrust is the best aiming at the accelerator from 50% to 90%
  6. The fuselage is handled with precise dynamic balancing to ensure the vibration and low noise when the electrical machine operates with high speed
  7. Japanese NSK bearing ensures the smooth operation of the electrical machine
  8. Tile shape magnet and 0.15mm air cleft, the power take-off is stronger
  9. Benign design of heat radiation structure, the temperature reduces 20% compared with the electrical machine in the same type
  10. Reliable magnetic circuit optimization and maximum electric power conversion
  11. The weight is 15.8g only (not include the wire)


motor állórész átmérője 1507
Támogatott cellaszám 2-4 cellla (7.4V-14.8V)
Súly 15,5 g
Propeller felfogatása 5mm tengely
POPO kompatibilisquestion_mark nem
Configuration 12N14P
Stator Diamter 15mm
Stator Length 7mm
Shaft Diameter 2mm(Hollow)
Motor (Dimension(Dia.*Len)) Φ 6*29.1mm
of Cells(Lipo) 2~4S
Internal Resistance 96mΩ
Max Current(180S) 29.21A
Rotor N52H arc magnets
Bearings NSK
Base casing Al 7075
Wire AWG 24AWG
Weight(g) 15.5

Csomag tartalma

  1. 1x 1507 motor


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