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Walksnail Avatar camera V2 with Gyroflow

23.990 Ft
Cikkszám: WN07-0014B


Bullet Point

  • With 2K 120fps pixel and native 4:3 sensor, to ensure the ultimate and excellent picture quality. Additionally, the native 4:3 image ratio provides the advantage of capturing a larger area of the surrounding scenery. Meanwhile, it's better fit for regular FPV race as well.

  • The new camera (32G VTX KIT) supports Gyroflow, take you the smooth and stable video quality.

  • F/2.0 Large Aperture to increase the amount of incoming light, make the picture more incomparable. 


  • Come with 160° wide-angle FOV, take you a more natural picture.


Model Avatar HD V2 camera
Image Sensor 1/3.2-Inch 4Mp 4:3 sensor
Resolution 1080P/60fps; 720P/100fps; 720P/60fps; 1080P/120fps compatibility; 1080P/100fps compatibility;
Ratio 4:3 native /16:9
Lens 2.1mm
FOV 160°
Aperture F2.0
Shutter Rolling shutter
Weight 7.2g
Dimensions 19*19*22mm
Coaxial Cable 140mm
Gyroflow supported

Csomag tartalma

Avatar V2 camera x1
M2*4mm screws x4
M2*5mm screws x4
M2*6mm screws x4
M2*5*0.5mm gasket x4


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