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TATTU Funfly 6S1P 22.2V 1300mAh 100C Lipo Battery with XT60 Plug

13.500 Ft
Cikkszám: TA-FF-100C-1300-6S1P
Tattu Funfly 1300mAh 6S 100C Lipo Battery is compatible with the following models such as 6S quad, 5 inch Quad for hardcore Free style & sport racing practice etc.


Funfly, the new lovely member of Tattu family, specially designed for daily training and freestyle. Are you tired of the pressures of the racing scene? All you need is to find a nice quiet spot at a local park or any open area to start your training. With its stable performance, you can concentrate on your flips, rolls and power loops and perfect your flowing freestyle lines.

Fun is fly. From now on, get rid of the pressure and do not care about what others say, good or bad, positive or negative, just wear your flying devices and start your own freestyle.

Tattu Funfly Series 1300mAh 6S 100C Lipo Battery Pack is specifically designed for FPV Quadcopters which require high discharge rates. Tattu battery pack has the ideal combination of power and weight. 100C discharge rate gives you instant power boost when flying.

Tattu batteries provide high quality, reliable power for your Multirotor or Aircraft.

All Tattu LiPos are packed with vibration-proof & fire-proof material and our luxury battery box. Make sure you get your battery in perfect condition. An automatic procedure & Computer system battery cell matching process ensures the batteries stability and quality. Different from the original Gens Ace series, TATTU is specialized for the UAV & UAS market, with their industrial quality (since Gens Ace is based on the Hobby area), their slogan "less is more", "more" means more flight time, more enjoyment, and more satisfaction, and "less" means less weight, simple design. Tattu always develops their products according to these 2 directions giving you a high-quality battery.


Kapacitás 1300mAh
Akkumulátor merítési sebesség 100 C
Cellaszám 6 S
Méretek (Hosszúság * szélesség * magasság) 75 x 36 x 44 mm
Súly 225 g
Egyenáramú csatlakozó XT60 csatlakozó
- Capacity 1300mAh
- Voltage 22.2V/6S
- Discharge Rate 100C
- Weight (±10g) 225g
- Size (±5) 75*36*44mm

Csomag tartalma

1 x LiPo battery


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2022. 01. 11.
Szuper! :)
Super! :)
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2020. 12. 21.
Kiváló aksi! Tattu minőség, és az ára is nagyon jó! Személyes átvételnél, még kávét is kaptunk!
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2020. 12. 18.
Szuper aksi és csodás segítség:))