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ORQA FPV.Connect Modul

29.990 Ft
Cikkszám: ORQA FPV.Connect
The ORQA FPV.Connect Module will allow you to link up your ORQA FPV.One OLED FPV Goggles to your mobile phone. Did we mentioned this has the latest ImmersionRC Ghost technology pre-integrated?


Experience an unprecedented degree of connectivity on your FPV headset with the ORQA FPV.Connect Module.  Use your mobile phone to access that sweet HD DVR footage on your FPV.One, right there in the field.

Download and install the latest firmware updates right from the Orqa FPV App. Maybe even stream your flight to your phone in real-time. Or live stream your single-pack session online.

Save $10 on ORQA FPV.Connect Module when you buy it as part of the Definitive FPV Bundle that includes ORQA FPV.One (Goggles), ORQA Battery, RapidFIRE and more.


  • access to your DVR
  • share and play your drone video footage
  • update your firmware directly from the mobile app
  • live streaming to social media (FB, YT, IG Live streaming coming Summer 2020)


Weight 4.90g
Size 1.57x1.25x0.16

Csomag tartalma

1 x ORQA FPV.Connect Module


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