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HTRC HT206 Tripla portos töltő

66.990 Ft
Cikkszám: HTRC HT206AC/DC TRI

HT206 Triple Port 200W*3 20A charger LCD Touch Screen Lipo Battery Balance Charger for Lilon/LiPo/LiFe/LiHV/Nicd/NiMh PB Battery



-AC/DC Dual Input.
-4.3" Color LCD touch screen display for easy operation and convenient to use.
-Full Aluminium beautiful Appearance Design, Built in cool fan, Good Cooling System.
-With rubber pads, prevent sliding and the air can circulate.
-3 independent Port which can charge 3 different kinds of batteries simultaneously.
each port max charging power up to 200W, max charging current up to 20A.
-Automatic identification of Li-Po batteries cells.
-Support LIHV High Power Battery and Smart Battery.
-Battery management check battery capacity, voltage and balancer.
-Memory function save up to 8 operation data.
-5V 2.1A USB DC power supply output.
-Built-in PFC can improve the energy consumption from mainpower grid evidently,
-Soft switching is also introduced can reduce radiation interference
-Support firmware upgrades

Input Voltage:AC100-240V/DC10-30V
Charger Circuit Power:200W*3
Discharger Circuit Power:25W*3
Charger current range:0.1-20A*3
Discharge Current Range: 0.1-5A*3
Current Drian for Balancing Port:500mA/cell
Digital DC power:5-27V ,0.1-20A
PB: 2-20V*3
Smart battery: I/II/III*3
Net Weight:1.12Kg
Gross Weight:2.38kg

Tips: Built-in AC high power charger naturally run hot,although with built-in fan, you need pay attention to the temperature,if prolonged use,especially in discharge modle,the internal AC adapter in a risk of damage.
if serious heat, it is better to place an external fan for heat radiating to prevent from damage. or use DC input to avoid problem.


Cellaszám 1-6 S
Maximum paralel töltés 3 akkumulátor
Hálózati csatlakozás 100-240 Volt
Egyenáramú bemenet 10-30 Volt
Egyenáramú csatlakozó XT60 csatlakozó
Töltési áramerősség 0,1-20 Amper
Merítési áramerősség 0,1-5 Amper


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