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HGLRC Ares DS230 Drone Soccer Frame (Outer plastic+Carbon Fiber+LED bar) Red

18.490 Ft
Cikkszám: hglrc_ds230_frame_red
Váz mérete: 3 inch 120-150 mm


HGLRC Ares DS230 Drone Soccer Frame

*Spherical explosion-proof material frame, you can do whatever you want;
*The protective cover is available in three colors, including orange, yellow and grey,
which are easy to distinguish.

Brand Name:HGLRC
Model:Ares DS230 Drone Soccer Frame
Material:3K carbon fiber
Type:3 inches frame
Bottom plate:3mm
Flight control mounting hole:20x20mm/25.5x25.5mm
Support camera:14*14mm

Package list:
1x sphere upper shell
1x sphere bottom shell
4x Center Bracket Protection Ring
1x 3mm frame bottom plate (carbon plate)
1x VTX light with camera mount
1x shield (black)
8x Round head socket head M1.7*7 self-tapping screw
4x Hexagon socket head M3*25 titanium plated screw
16x Cup head socket head M2*7 screw
8x M3*8 shock-absorbing column
4x M3 O-ring shock absorber
4x Prevent loosening Automatic locking M3 nut
1x extra soft high and low temperature resistant silicone wire, specification #30AWG, wire length 65mm, single head PH1.0-3P, tin immersion 1.5mm color: yellow, red and black (twisted twist)
1x W554B LED Strip (1pc)
1x HGLRC battery strap, size: 10*150mm, iron buckle length 50mm, with two wire, black/PU+nylon
1x Racewhoop30 battery anti-skid sticker, black mesh surface silicone anti-skid pad, size: 26mm*26mm*2mm, back 3M glue
1x large sticker of HGLRC, size 90*60MM, material light white PVC, glossy glue
1x B4 certificate label
1x Ares DS230 Drone Soccer Frame Assembly Manual

Recommended parts:(not included)
Flight control:Zeus F722 mini
ESC:Zeus 28A BL_S
Propeller:3 inches


Beépítési méret 20x20/25,5x25,5 mm
stílus verseny (race)
Súly 230x230x220 g


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