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GEP-KHX4 frame

16.900 Ft
Cikkszám: GEP-KHX4

GEP-KHX , This is an elegant upgrade. The main feature of the removable arm is to reduce the loss cost. The GEP-HKX4 wheelbase 200mm. Still maintain good stability, center point concentration, suitable for Freestyle and racing.

In addition, we have made some minor adjustments in the details. For example, there is a 3D printing piece, which is more convenient for the fixed drawing to transmit 5.8g antenna and 2.4g antenna.

Váz mérete: 4 inch 150-180 mm


  • Weight:114g
  • Wheelbase:200mm
  • Props Size: 4inch
  • Size:190*155mm
  • Arms board:4mm
  • Base board:2mm
  • Side board:1.0mm


  • Flight Controller:Kiss/F3/F4/Naze32/CC3D
  • Motors: 2204/2205/2206/2305/2306
  • ESC:20A-40A
  • Propeller:4inch
  • Battery:  3S 1300mAh ~ 4S 1500mAh


  1. The weight of the battery is above the arm, the overall center is balanced, and each motor output is balanced and efficient.
  2. The camera position USES 7075 aviation aluminum alloy, high precision, very strong. And it forms a 33-degree gopro position.
  3. All 3k Japanese carbon plate, 14mm narrow arm structure, reduce air resistance.
  4. Hybrid X structure, shortening wheelbase, flexibility and stability.
  5. Integrated LED lights, buzzer.
  6. Side panel design to effectively protect the electronic equipment inside the fuselage.
  7. YFS screw, 12.9 level hardness.


Méretek (Hosszúság * szélesség * magasság) 190*155 mm
Beépítési méret 30,5x30,5 mm (mini)
stílus freestyle
Súly 114 g
Váz formája Hybrid X

Csomag tartalma

1x GEP-KHX frame kits


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